Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime program at offers many benefits. Perhaps the most popular benefit of the Amazon Prime membership is the free shipping on Amazon Prime items which include most items fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. Amazon has warehouses all over the world where sellers can ship there items to be stored and eventually sold using the Amazon Prime fulfillment program. The free shipping program offers some astounding deals which are often cheaper than the shipping charge of other internet retailers.

What is Amazon Prime? The Amazon Prime program offers a yearly membership for about $95 dollars. You may find deals on this membership at certain times of the year where the price is lowered to $75. I recently enjoyed the benefit of an Amazon Prime promotion that allowed me to give a 3 month membership as a gift for $33. This was one of my most popular Holiday gifts. The 3 month plan allowed the Amazon user to get a feel for the prime membership advantages with no obligation to continue the membership after the 3 month period.

The Amazon program also has special Amazon promo codes for Student Amazon Prime which offers the membership at a reduced rate for students. One of the first questions many students ask is “Does Amazon take paypal?” Amazon does not take paypal, but offers it’s own payment system called Amazon payments. Through Amazon payments you may use all major credit cards and debit cards.

Amazon Prime also entitles you to the prime streaming service which rivals Netflix in its array of TV shows and movies available for streaming. Amazon has even started developing their own content which recently won several awards.

Personally speaking, my favorite perk of the prime membership at Amazon is the reliable 2 day free delivery. I know I can order anything from cough syrup to packing tape and that package will arrive in 2 days. In most areas, you can chose one day delivery for an additional $3.99 charge.

Amazon has recently expanded into the grocery business with Amazon pantry which has made shopping on the site even more convenient. The expanded selection of grocery items available for purchase today far exceeds the grocery items available online even 2 years ago. The Amazon Pantry service offers everything from Pop Tarts to soup and of course is delivered to your door.

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