Samsung Apple Lawsuit

Samsung and Apple are considered to be the two heavyweights in the smartphone industry. Even though you would be able to find tons of other companies who are trying to survive in the rat race, no competition would be greater than these two companies. Hence, when you hear about Samsung Apple lawsuit, it would definitely pique your interest. After all, you would really like to know about what really went down that a lawsuit had to take place.

So, even though you might have been able to come across tons of reports that are talking in great details about this lawsuit, all that technical terms and jargon are making the whole thing quite confusing for you.

Hence, to make things easier upon yourself, we provide you with a very simple and easy scenario about the whole thing. Basically, Samsung did infringe D’087 patent, along with a host of others. Therefore, to know more about this, read on below.

Apple sues Samsung for $2.5 billion in damages

In the Samsung Apple lawsuit, the jury has ruled that Samsung has willfully infringed a number of Apple patents in order to create a number of devices. As a result, they have been ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages. On the other hand, Apple, which has been countersued by Samsung for $422 million, would not have to pay for anything.

What did Samsung copy?

While it might sound pretty simple and even confusing to some extent to know that Samsung has infringed a couple of patents of Apple, it would be a good idea to know about these patents in detail. In simple terms, Samsung has been accused of copying seven patents from Apple, starting from the “pinch and zoom” capability of iDevices to “bounce back” effect that you would be able to see when scrolling. In addition, Samsung was also found guilty of infringing six of the seven patents. Other than that, Apple’s lawyers also claimed that Samsung had copied the design of the iPad – even though this is something that they were not successful in proving in court. However, the claim that the physical design was copied definitely helped in increasing the damages payout. The damage caused by the Samsung Apple Patent wars remains to be seen in the future, but as technology continues to advance at a quicker pace than ever before, one can be sure that we will be seeing more and more patent issues in the future.

According to the verdict, there were two designs that Samsung was found guilty of violating both willfully and unwillfully, respectively.

Didn’t Samsung also sue Apple?

The Samsung Apple lawsuit also talks about the part where Samsung countersued Apple in an attempt to bring down the damage payments. However, that did nothing to sway the court. This is because the jury ruled that Apple did not infringe on any of the patents. But the most confusing part is that Apple was not able to prove that those patents were invalid.

What would happen now?

Therefore, following the verdict of the Samsung Apple lawsuit, the share prices of Apple seem to have shot up through the roof. This is because this kind of a win marks a major victory for the company on a couple of fronts. After all, winning something like could not be

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